Tue. Mar 26th, 2019

“BreedReady” Database Leak Targets 1.8 Million Women in China

“BreedReady” Database Leak Targets 1.8 Million Women in China

Women are often targeted as “prey” by sick individuals, and the sad truth to the matter is that the Internet sometimes makes it even easier to target them. This is definitely the case with a database that was discovered that listed all the personal information of 1.8 million women in China. The database even included a section called “BreedReady.” “BreedReady” Database Leak A white hat hacker discovered the unsecured database on Saturday, March 9, 2019. By Monday it had been taken down, but the frightening aspects didn’t go away with the removal of the database. Someone or a group of people are or were collecting… Read more

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