Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

The best creator tools from CES 2019

The best creator tools from CES 2019

This year at CES, I noticed more of two things: portable, on-the-go tech that makes vlogging easier, and vloggers. There were gimbals and selfie sticks aplenty as people filmed themselves walking around on the show floor, making content for their own personal audiences.

Looking at the wealth of cameras, lighting rigs, and artist devices, they all seemed to be encouraging the notion that anyone can become a “creator” just by posting a video on YouTube, or creating art to be shared online. I know tools don’t make the artist, but coming across these new products, I felt a stir of excitement and aspiration. “Should I become a YouTuber?” I asked myself, before shaking away the impure thoughts.

From updated versions of familiar products from…

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