Mon. Jun 24th, 2019

Snapchat Stories are coming to Tinder and Houseparty

Snapchat Stories are coming to Tinder and Houseparty

In a bid to attract more users and advertisers, Snap today said that its pioneering Stories product would soon be available for developers to insert into their own apps. Tinder and video chat app Houseparty are two of the companies that have agreed to put Snap Stories into their own products, with the Tinder integration expected sometime this summer.

The new integrations are part of App Stories, a new set of features inside Snap Kit, the company’s developer platform. When the integrations are live, people will be able to send stories created inside Snapchat to other apps. (It’s similar to the way you can share a Spotify track to your Instagram story.) It’s unclear how stories will appear inside apps like Tinder, as the integrations are…

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