Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

SiriusXM launches new ‘essential’ streaming plan for only $8

SiriusXM launches new ‘essential’ streaming plan for only $8

SiriusXM is now offering an $8-per-month streaming music plan that it calls SiriusXM Essential, a bundle of over 300 channels consisting of music, talk radio, comedy, sports, and other content. This new, cheap option doesn’t include Howard Stern’s two channels — you’ve got to step up to Premier for those — and is strictly for online streaming, so it can’t be used with your car’s satellite radio if you’ve got one. But otherwise, the company says you can expect a ton of variety for commercial-free music listening.

The Essential plan has plenty of decade, genre, and artist-specific radio channels: you can see the full list here. Paying for online radio might seem pretty strange to the millions of people using the free, ad-sponsored tiers…

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