Sat. Aug 24th, 2019

New “SpeakUp” Malware Targets Linux Servers with Miners

New “SpeakUp” Malware Targets Linux Servers with Miners

With cryptocurrency being good money these days, so, too, is the allure of installing miners onto servers without the owner’s permission. Earning cryptocurrency requires processing power, which inspired hackers to sneak miners onto other’s hardware and make their victims do all the work instead. A recent strand of malware called SpeakUp is using backdoor attacks to get a miner onto servers running Linux. This is especially worrying, as the software that SpeakUp targets makes up for approximately 90% of the top one million domains in the US! How SpeakUp Works SpeakUp functions by exploiting a flaw within ThinkPHP. Once it’s in, it creates a… Read more


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