Thu. May 23rd, 2019

Elon Musk’s last two weeks have been a wild ride

Elon Musk’s last two weeks have been a wild ride

I said I’d be back if Elon Musk Elonned again, and here we are. The last two weeks alone have included:

  1. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon successfully splashing down in the Atlantic after its first launch
  2. A new Boring Company project in Las Vegas, set to open in time for CES 2021
  3. An even faster Supercharger from Tesla
  4. German regulators telling Tesla to knock it off with the “gas savings” on their pricing
  5. A Chicago mayoral race that’s imperiled the future of The Boring Company’s plans there
  6. Another former Tesla employee saying the company spied on its workers
  7. Tesla reversing itself on its plan to close stores, and hiking prices on most of its cars
  8. Musk accusing the Securities and Exchange Commission of an “unconstitutional power grab”
  9. A…

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