Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Calm yourself with this 3D printing demo video

Calm yourself with this 3D printing demo video

A scientist brushing away a gray powder to uncover a newly 3D-printed machine part is the most soothing video you’ll see this week. It’s up there with Bob Ross painting a flawless tree, or even someone vacuuming perfect lines in a carpet. And the fact that it comes out of one of the country’s major national laboratories makes the relaxing video even more charming.

The hand holding the brush is attached to Amy Elliott, a research scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory who specializes in 3D printing technology. The video starts after the printing itself is finished. Elliott uses a kind of 3D printing that involves squirting layer after layer of a glue-like binder into powdered metal, forming a tool or machine part that Elliott has…

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